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Real music attorney and record label owner teaches you the A-Z of building your label in under 2 weeks.

  • Register your record label
  • Trademark & copyright protection
  • Build your team
  • Music videos & photoshoots
  • Cover songs & sampling
  • Getting music into TV/Film
  • Music distribution
  • Music marketing

Real contract templates included. Stay legally protected!

Course Curriculum


Formally Register Your Record Label

  • Getting Your LLC EIB Bank Account

Branding & Trademarks

  • Knock-Out Searches, Name Strength, & Branding Your Record Label

Building Your Team

  • Contractors, Employees, Accountants, Label Managers, Label Attorney, & Investors
  • Contractor Agreement (WALKTHROUGH)
  • Manager Agreement (WALKTHROUGH)

Your Record Label Agreement

  • Record Label Agreement (WALKTHROUGH)
  • How To Negotiate Your Record Label Agreement

Copyrights v. Trademarks

  • The Difference Between Copyrights & Trademarks (And What You Need To Know)
  • Filing A Copyright Application (Walkthrough)

Music Videos & Photoshoots

  • Music Videos 101 & Crew Member Agreement (WALKTHROUGH)
  • Photographer Agreement (WALKTHROUGH) Preview

Cover Songs v. Sampling

  • How To Get Your Cover Songs & Samples Cleared

Getting Music Into TV/FILMs

  • Music Libraries, Licensing, Music Supervisors, & Licensing Agents
  • Licensing Agreement (WALKTHROUGH)

Music Distribution

  • How To Distribute To Music Platforms
  • BMI & ASCAP Publishers
  • New Release Checklist


  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, & Linkedin

Safety Considerations

  • Your Responsibilities As A Record Label

But first, a warning

Having a successful record label requires shifting away from myths like "you can figure it out as you go." Take control of your business and do it right, the first time.

That's why I'm thrilled you have an interest in this.

The system I provide for you eliminates the stress of building a record label, with the same support, guidance, and resources I provide to all record label clients signed with my law firm. Real strategies, real contracts, and a real attorney to show you the way.

Hi there! I'm the Redhead Attorney

I've been in the music business since I was 4 years old. I am an entertainment attorney and record label owner today. I work with major labels like Sony, Universal, and Warner every day, and have assisted up and coming record labels achieve massive success in the music business.

My passion is showing record label owners how to operate like major labels, while remaining independent. It's not only about understanding the legal aspects of running a record label, it's also about the day-to-day strategies and techniques that make a BIG difference over time.

Top Music Attorney has helped our label numerous ways already. The contracts have been explained in detail, and has made the process a much smoother one.  In the music industry, we at Cima Music believe staying legally protected can help your record label grow in the right direction.

-  Manny, CEO of Cima Music Group

Krystle has helped my record label FVYDID. Any legal situation i’m needing assistance on I’m including Krystle.

- JackEL, CEO of FVYDID Records

Miss Krystle is what you need in today’s music business. As a proven artist herself, she knows the ins and outs of the industry. When you are building from scratch, make her strategies a solid part of your foundation.

- Manuel, CEO of Prestigious Music

I've not only been teaching it, but I've actually been in the trenches launching and growing my own six-figure music business. Here is the most important discovery I can share with you...

With the right strategy.


Major labels follow the same systems
we teach to our clients

Here's a fact: major record labels like Sony, Universal, and Warner have continued to thrive, grow, and expand, because they treat themselves like real businesses, and take all needed steps to stay protected legally. Other companies like Spotify and Apple Music do it too.

Why did they become music business giants?

Because they realized that massive success requires a solid foundation.

So instead of blindly hoping you are investing in your business the right way, actually structure a plan to ensure you see growth every month.

And in the long run, it will be a more profitable, reliable, and stable business.

Make this something that can be your full-time job, and something that can grow to millions with monthly revenue.

Sony, Universal, and Warner have remained at the top of the music business food chain, even during market volatility, as a result of innovation, partnering with other record labels, and consistently growing their brands.


That's great for big record labels, but what about everyone else?

How do YOU guarantee a successful record label that can remain independent?

Having your own record label means having confidence and dedication to achieve your dreams, no matter what. Imagine your perfect label right now. What is stopping you from achieving that dream?

The answer is probably fear of the unknown. Not understanding the process is the biggest deterrence for new record labels, and the biggest reason most label owners give up early on.

What if you make mistakes?

We are in the midst of a music industry revolution for independent record labels.

Those that decide that enough is enough, and want to build their own record labels, are scared of making mistakes.

It's not about hoping you do it right, but knowing that your investment of time, money, and resources will pay off in the end.

Plus, as the owner of your own business, equipped with all needed information to launch into action, you will avoid pitfalls that other label owners experience early on, ultimately causing unnecessary delays.

Why is now the perfect time for independent record labels?

We are in an independent record label movement, and with the dramatic rise in business owners starting their own record labels, independent record labels are now starting to compete with the majors.

A record label business plan that includes all legal aspects is the ONLY way to successfully build a record label.

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Artists who launched their own record labels

(in all kinds of different genres)

NPG Records. Prince created his own label NPG Records and released music independently through his Internet subscription service, NPG Music Club, after leaving Warner Bros. The artist had already created Paisley Park Records, which had gotten shut down. He remained independent, and released his music through his label and often distributing through major labels such as Arista, Universal and Columbia.

- Prince

The Null Corporation. Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan of Nine Inch Nails created The Null Corporation after the band left Interscope Records. The label has also released an EP for How to Destroy Angels and the Oscar-winning score for “The Social Network”. Reznor posted a message on the band’s website after NIN decided to leave Interscope.

“I have been under recording contracts for 18 years and have watched the business radically mutate from one thing to something inherently very different and it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally have a direct relationship with the audience as I see fit and appropriate. Look for some announcements in the near future regarding 2008. Exciting times, indeed.”

- Nine Inch Nails

Dim Mak Records. Founded in 1996, this independent, Los Angeles-based record label has released music in punk, indie rock, hardcore, hip hop, and electronic dance music.

- Steve Aoki

All of this only just scratches the surface of what is possible for a music business like a record label.


If you're one of these 3 types of people, record labels are especially successful

You're an established expert. If you have experience working in the music business, you will be able to leverage your record label to profitability quickly, and will know key music business lingo to communicate efficiently with your peers.

You have artists. Either you are already working with artists and musicians, or you are considering signing them to your label.

You want to scale your existing record label. You may already have a record label, but are not sure how to scale it into becoming your full-time job.

Now is the perfect

time for you.

Let me explain...

If you're already an established expert

(artist, musician, manager, agent, or music business owner)

Starting a record label just makes sense. You already know how the music business works, and instead of giving away ownership and control to someone else, you can build your own record label and receive 100% of the profits and future benefits.

Plus, as noted above, we have seen countless bands and artists who learned that starting their own record labels ultimately made the most sense.

And my guess is, you are tired of working for others. Am I right?

Putting in hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, feels a lot better when you are working for yourself and your own record label.

It's an unfortunate truth that people in the music business tend to take advantage of each other. Starting your own record label gives you the leverage to do the deals you want, and break away from working for other people.

Protect your investment of time and effort by building your own business.

What if you already have artists?

You're ready to build.

Many record label owners decide to get started because they are already working with artists, and want to make things official.

Protect your investment by having proper agreements with your artists, and making sure other labels cannot come and take your artists. Ensure you protect your investment of time and money into the artists every step of the way.

This requires two things:

1. Proper contracts, and

2. Knowing how to negotiate your artist agreements.

This will become standard.

You will need to have a standard artist agreement that you use for all your talents. Once you understand how the agreement works, you can confidently negotiate and enforce your agreements to protect your investment.

Clear agreements eliminate tension.

Having a clear artist agreement secures your rights as the record label, but it also eliminates tension once issues come up, because you now have a written contract to refer to, if and when an issue arises.

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If you want to scale your existing record label

(you already have a business, but need help getting to the next level)

Once record label owners start their businesses, sometimes they are lost on the next steps, or fear what they do not know.

You'll quickly discover, once you have the right information, that you don't need to be an "expert" in order to grow a successful record label, you just need to know the steps to do it the right way.

There are MANY examples of record label owners who start their businesses, but never grow or scale.

FIXT Records is a great example of this. Founder and artist, Celldweller, decided to grow his label after years of trouble with working with other record labels and distributors.

FIXT has now become a major film/TV/video game licensing company, obtaining placements in Call of Duty, John Wick 3, Disney's Mulan and Speed Racer, just to name a few.

Typically film/TV/video game licensing fees can run anywhere from $50,000 - $300,000, and can be one of the best revenue streams for record labels.

While FIXT has identified itself as a future rock record label, what we can learn from its accomplishments that by going narrow, and hyper-focusing on what a record label loves to do best, a label can more quickly achieve a name in the music business, and scale to include other genres of music from there.

What's the catch with owning your own record label?

The health of your record label depends on two major factors.

Your ability to adapt to changes in the music business.

Your ability to stay legally protected as you make business changes.

Unfortunately, despite popular belief, not all record labels will make it.

You will experience turbulence

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But with what I'll teach you, the overwhelming majority of my record label clients stick around and thrive.

And that is what I'll teach you. You will know not only HOW to deal with problems, but how to prevent them altogether.

Just imagine how it will feel to see sales from your artists coming in month after month, regardless of what's happening in the market?

Imagine being able to finally have some breathing room in your business... knowing that you have taken all needed steps to stay legally protected.

Imagine having the space to be creative with all that you do, and to just focus on finding and launching the next biggest artist to hit the music business?

Imagine the growth that you can have in just 1 year?

That's what TOP MUSIC ATTORNEY is all about.

I'm passionate about this because I know it works.

But how can I be so confident? For years, I have had the unique opportunity to work with other record labels, in different genres, and...

... it produced an important discovery

As an entertainment attorney specifically experienced in the music business, I see what works, and what doesn't.

In fact, that is why my independent record label clients have me do the big deals with distributors and major record labels.

There are two groups of record label owners.

The Hobbyist

This is the vast majority of people. These people typically launch a record label to produce an artist or two, but generally fail to fully launch or take their labels to the next level.

The Business Owner

This is a much smaller group. These record labels soar in profits, growing month after month, and eventually producing six-figure (or more) profits with their businesses. The best part is, they were structured in a way that required far less ongoing management - more money and a lot less stress.

Needless to say, I pay attention to the Business Owners. And learned first hand the EXACT strategies they were using to consistently grow year after year.


I tested my discoveries. AND IT WORKED!

After years of working with record label owners, I started tracking and implementing what was working, and what wasn't.

I trained my clients on what to do, what how to avoid the problems. And it worked.

An amazing case study is Cima Music. By following these proven strategies, Cima launched the career of Carolina Ross. Achieving 141 Million views on just one video, Cima has created a sustainable model that has allowed this artist to gain millions of fans on Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok.

Word spread quickly for this record label, and it started getting WAY more requests from artists than it could handle. It's a good feeling when you knock it out of the park, and can then have your selection of artists you want to work with.

So I started sharing MY FINDINGS

I started Top Music Attorney on YouTube, so I could share free weekly content to help record label owners, and show them how to get immediate results with their labels.

The people who subscribe are music business experts, and entrepreneurs trying to break into the music business.

She draws on her experience and shows what works and what doesn't work. I've tried her methods, and she knows what she's talking about.

-Mike Slym

I feel more confident now. She's a real attorney and she knows how this stuff works.

-Nick Watts

Once you know the process, everything else comes so much more easily. I'm grateful to have found these helpful resources.

-Richard Higabee

So now, I'd like to share the Top Music Attorney framework with you

The challenge with hiring a law firm is that the process is slow, and the information provided by your attorney might get misplaced or forgotten. That's why I developed Top Music Attorney, and if you join us, I'd love to help you too.

  • If you're a music business expert who wants more stability in your business
  • Or... you're an artist who wants to retain ownership and control over your music and career
  • Or... you started your record label, and are trying to figure out the next steps
  • Or.... it's been your dream to start a record label, and now is the perfect time

Have questions? Call us! 480-248-0657

Top Music Attorney can help

As big hearted entrepreneurs, you and I have a HUGE opportunity to create a lasting impact in the music business - and it's the reason that I am so passionate about this work. This is why I created Top Music Attorney.

That's why I get hired by record label owners every day.

I've had a small label for a couple of years now with only 3 artists currently. I bought this course as a refresher and to see if there was something I was missing. There was a lot I wasn't doing or thinking of. Since then we have already updated a lot of our old policies. Thanks Krystle.

- Sadir, Stone Hammer Records

I'm an artist and have no plans to start a label, BUT I got this course so I can learn the other side of the business and know who I'm going up against. Understanding contracts and how record labels operate puts me in a better situation when signing my own deals.

- Katrell, Bigg Katt Keys Productions Inc

Krystle has helped me setup my label the RIGHT way. I wish I would have had this knowledge when I first started putting music out into the world!! I’ve already saved COUNTLESS hours of work following Krystle’s guidance and now can focus on the creative side of things by fulfilling my mission statement.

- Kris, Altered Reality Records

So what is Top Music Attorney?

Top Music Attorney is a video training program that gives you guidance and confidence on how to launch, grow and scale your record label... even if you're starting from scratch.

I've taken my 20+ years working in the music business, apply my knowledge as an entertainment attorney, and I've distilled it down into a few key strategies that will make all the difference for you and your record label.

And each module is delivered in short 10-20 minute sessions to help you learn at your own pace..

Specifically, this course is based around core strategies for long-term record label success. Starting with these first 6...

LLC Registration Strategy

  • How to register an LLC: it is easier than you think to get your company legally registered, and there are HUGE advantages to having an LLC, which will protect you and your assets from personal liability.  
  • How to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN): In order to open a bank account (which is the next step), you will need an EIN. You will also need an EIN for tax purposes. 
  • Why you need a business bank account: you gain HUGE advantages when you set up an LLC for your record label. With your record label should come a record label business account, and all record label funds and expenses should flow in and out of your business bank account. 
  • Why you need meeting minutes: we will explain the benefits of having formal record label team meetings, and taking meeting minutes to document those meetings. 
  • Why you need an Operating Agreement: An Operating Agreement acts like a partnership agreement between you and the members of your record label. It is essentially the rules of the road for your company, members, and guides how your record label will work.

Next, we'll dive into your Team Strategy.


Your Team Strategy

This is about building a team that will help your record label become a success. I will walk you through what to think about when hiring staff, and when is too soon to give away ownership in your company, including:

  • Contractors v. Employees: We discuss the key difference between a contractor versus, an employee, why you typically want to hire contractors, and we even include a standard Contractor Agreement template for you to use for your company.
  • Accountants: Having someone to manage your money and books is a critical part of any business, but particularly when it comes to music royalties and paying out artists.
  • Label Managers: You need someone to take care of the day-to-day operations of your record label. That may be you at first, but you will likely move someone else into that position at some point. Having the right label manager can make a big difference for your company.
  • Attorneys: Having a record label attorney is an essential step to ensuring you stay protected every step of the way. You will do deals with other companies, and having an entertainment attorney in your corner can save you from a lot of headaches down the road.
  • Investors: knowing when, and when not, to take investor money is sometimes more important than getting an investment opportunity. Not all investments will be good for your record label, and we explain what to watch out for when you are looking for investment dollars.

    The stronger your team is, the faster you will be able to scale your record label.

Once we've discussed your team strategy, then we shift gears to focus on your branding strategy. 

Your Branding Strategy

This is your way to set your company apart from other record labels. You need to understand the importance of branding and trademarks, and how you frame the image of your record label. 

So we'll talk about: 

  • Your record label name: We'll show you how to search for your desired record name, or to confirm that the name you've chosen has not already been taken by someone else. 
  • Name Strength: We will help you understand the difference between a strong and weak record label name, and how that will likely impact your future attempts to get your name trademarked. 
  • Branding Your Record Label: Once you know what to call your record label, you can start building the good will of your company, and investing in the branding and awareness of your business.

But it doesn't stop there, because then it's about shifting gears and protecting the copyright in your music. And that leads us to the next module...

Have questions? Call us! 480-248-0657

Copyright Protection

In this module, we get into the "how-to" specifics of getting copyright protection for your music. 

You'll discover: 

  • The Importance of Copyright Protection: record labels need to ensure they own their music, and have 100% of the copyright as well. We will teach you the importance of protecting your music's copyright. 
  • Copyright Myths: there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings when it comes to copyright, including the "Poor Man's Copyright." We clear up these myths, and teach you what you need to know to stay protected. 
  • Copyright Applications: we will show you how to file your own copyright applications through the Library of Congress. You will be able to make filing for copyright protection part of your regular business practice, which will put you in the strongest position to protect your company's music. 

Once you know how to file your own copyright applications, you are ready to move onto the next step, which is learning about cover songs and sampling. 

Cover Songs and Sampling Strategy

Your artists will want to do cover songs, or to use samples in their music. You need to know how to legally do both. 

In this section, we walk you through... 

  • Cover Songs: you will need a mechanical license in order to have your artist release a cover song. The good news is that the process is very simple and inexpensive. We will show you where to go, how to get a mechanical license, and we will also show you any restrictions you should be aware of. 
  • Samples: samples are commonly used in the music business, but rarely cleared properly, which can result in take-down notices, and potentially even lawsuits down the road. If your artist wants to sample other people's music, you need to know how to clear the samples, and we will show you how. 

As your music catalog continues to grow, you will be able to make serious money licensing the music to TV and film, which we discuss in the next module. 

TV & Film Licensing Strategy

This module is about how to start generating some serious licensing fees for getting your artists' music placed in TV and major films. The licensing fees can be anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000, and this is a major way to make money for your record label. 

But this means understanding the following:

  • Licensing Agreements: you will need to understand how licensing agreements work, and how to ensure you are not losing out on extra licensing fees that are common for these types of deals. We specifically include a Licensing Agreement as part of this course, so the heavy lifting has already been done for you. 
  • Music Libraries: you can also earn licensing fees by licensing your music to music libraries. We explain how this works, and give you some companies to potentially work with as your continue to grow your record label's catalog. 
  • Music Supervisors: the relationships you will build with music supervisors will be some of the most valuable to your record label. Music supervisors are the ones who oversee the placement of music in TV and films, and music supervisors tend to work on different shows and projects throughout their careers. If you have an existing relationship with a music supervisor, and they are aware of the type of music your record label typically signs, you will get that call when an opportunity comes up. 
  • Licensing Agents: it is common that a record label would have a dedicated person to act as the company's licensing agent. This person works to create licensing opportunities for TV & film with your record label, and can help create big opportunities for your artists. 

My goal is that you can create strong revenue streams through licensing music to TV and film, which is not only good financially for your record label, but can mean HUGE exposure for your artists, resulting in more streaming revenue, live event audiences, and merchandise sales. 

When record label owners implement these strategies, they get results. It really is that simple.

So that brings up a couple questions...

  • What prevents record label owners from implementing the Top Music Attorney strategy in order to grow their companies?
  • How can you overcome these hurdles to grow bigger, and have faster results?

That sent me on a quest...

Because I am
your results.

And over the last year, I've represented high performance record label owners to find out what those subtle differences are that turn those who "want to succeed" into super high achieving record label owners who get results.

And here's the good news...

I found what I believe to be the needle movers. The ones who put in the effort to implement the TOP MUSIC ATTORNEY strategies, becoming super confident record label owners who get results.


Because for us this is SO MUCH MORE than just "teaching content."
That is what drives my desire to continually upgrade your experience.

But wait, THERE'S MORE!

Get the Course BONUSES

You want to have everything needed to succeed, which is why you are getting more than just the core course. I am including extra BONUS materials to enhance your learning experience and ability to hit the ground running with your record label.

Have questions? Call us! 480-248-0657

Bonus #1
Record Label Agreement

I include the agreement you will need with your artists. This template can be modified to fit the specific needs of your record labels, but the important stuff always stays the same:

  • Ownership of music by your record label.
  • Reimbursement of your label expenses.
  • Ownership of music videos.
  • Protection against improper sampling by the artist.
  • Album commitments by artists.
  • Options for future albums by your label.
  • And, in this exclusive bonus, you will be able to use this template for each artist you work with moving forward.

Bonus #2
Contractor Agreement

This is the EXACT template I use for my clients who hire team-members to work with their record labels.

The most dangerous thing you can do is hire someone to work for you, without defining the terms of the relationship, including WHO WILL OWN WHAT. If you hire someone to do videos, music, graphic design, or anything creative, you need to have a signed Contractor Agreement.

You will have your relationship clearly defined to avoid issues down the road, including ownership disputes.


Bonus #3
Management Agreement

Many of our record label clients need management agreements for their artists. Having a template you understand will save you a step in and when the need comes up. Whether you are managing an artist, or overseeing a new manager taking over, you want to make sure your artist is protected with a clear management agreement.

This bonus will come in handy as you continue to build your record label roster.

Bonus #4
Crew Member Agreement

When you have a music video production, you want to make sure all cast and crew sign a Crew Member Agreement. This will ensure your record label owns the music video, and that all terms are clearly defined.

You will be able to use this template on all your music video productions, whether you are doing a $1,000 music video production, or a $100,000 music video production, you will be legally protected.

This bonus will come in use quickly once you launch your record label!

Bonus #5
Photographer Agreement

When your artists do photoshoots for their upcoming albums, press, or anything else, you want to make sure ownership is clear. If you do not have a Photographer Agreement, the photographer owns the images, and copyright issues can come up.

This bonus will come in handy whenever your artists need to do photoshoots throughout their career.

Bonus #6
License Agreement

When it comes time to license your artist's music to TV and film, you will want to have your own record label licensing agreement. This template clearly defines the term of the license, including additional licensing fees if the song is used in different ways by the show or film production company.

This bonus will set you up for all TV and film licensing opportunities.

How does the COURSE WORK?

All the course materials, downloads, and instructions are provided in our TOP MUSIC ATTORNEY school through Teachable. You'll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace, regardless of work, school, family, or other commitments.

Each lesson consists of short video lessons, as well as downloadable contracts.

I also include story-telling, to help keep you engaged, so you can retain everything you've learned AND the entire course is optimized for your mobile device, so that learning on the go is easy and convenient.

You will be supported THE ENTIRE TIME.

During the TOP MUSIC ATTORNEY Experience, you'll learn step-by-step about my proven strategies to build and grow a successful record label.

After years of representing record labels at high-levels, I know it's very natural to have questions.

That's why I've gone to great lengths support you through the whole TOP MUSIC ATTORNEY experience.

Have questions? Call us! 480-248-0657

This is about helping you build massive momentum... and I'm not going to let any questions stop you from getting results.

So as you go through the TOP MUSIC ATTORNEY course, questions will pop up. But we've thought ahead in our course curriculum outline, to ensure we cover all topics you will have questions about.

Everything you need will be at your fingertips

The TOP MUSIC ATTORNEY experience is based on representing countless record label owners.

It's based on my real-world experience of being in the trenches running my own record label.

And it's based on the hundreds of hours I spend every year consulting high level record label owners all around the world in all kinds of genres.

These are the exact strategies and ideas you need to launch, grow, and scale a highly profitable, low-stress record label.

And the best part, I'm going to be with you every step of the way.


Our members range from business owners just starting their record labels, and those who have already started their record labels, and are looking to take things to the next level.

If you've already started your record label, you are probably just looking for a bit of guidance on what to do to get to the next level. This is very common, and we are here to help.

Here are my questions for you...

Are you ready to step up into a bigger vision?

Are you ready to make the big jump?

  • Are you eager to start your own record label? 
  • Or, dramatically grow your current label? 
  • Substantial and sustainable income? 
  • Less stress and a more fulfilling business? 
  • Making an impact on the music business? 


This is not for the faint of heart 

It is not just about getting to-do items done, it is about being fully invested into making your dream into a reality. You have to be intentional, right from the start.

Getting big results means commitment, and the idea of "kind of" knowing what you're doing is never a good thing. 

TOP MUSIC ATTORNEY members are committed to turning what they know, love, and do into recurring revenue. If the commitment isn't there, then this is NOT the right course for you.

There is No Magic Wand 

There is no magic wand, you know what I'm talking about. Someone cannot come along and do all the work for you. If you want a million dollar record label, you have to build it, one step at a time.

As mentioned above, it takes a commitment to learn, and it actually requires action. You have to implement what you learn.

If you apply what I have learned as an entertainment attorney and record label owner, you will get results. But the results won't come just because you bought the course. You have to actually use what you learn.

You don't know what you don't know

What I'll be sharing with you WORKS, and I have many real clients who have launched successful record labels. If you are unwilling to learn, you won't see the problems heading your way. You have to be open to what I'm sharing, otherwise, it's going to be a frustrating experience for you as you try to grow your record label.

Have questions? Call us! 480-248-0657

Will this work for me?

If you've read this far, then I know that you're serious. But you may be hesitant with thoughts like... 

"I don't have enough time for this"

I have specifically built this course to work with your busy schedule. Whether you are in school, have a day job, a family, or other life commitments, the short videos allow you to go through the course at your own pacing.

"How is this different from other courses?"

There is nothing on the market like this course. I not only bring the information you need to know as a record label, because I am a record label owner myself, but as an entertainment attorney, I represent high-level record labels, that follow the same strategies.

"I don't want to create another job for myself."

I understand!

It's not about creating a second job. It's about making this YOUR ONLY JOB. Enough excuses, enough planning, LET'S GET TO WORK.

"I get distracted"

As mentioned previously, you have to be committed to make your dream a reality. Life will always throw distractions your way, but it's up to you to stay focused. You can do this!

"But there is already so much free content already available online."

If so, great! The problem with having too much free content, is that it causes confusion, and can be overwhelming. Today, more than ever, people don't want MORE, they just want clarity and direction.

I'll walk you through the most effective way to bring your record label to market. And when you do, you will stand out from the rest.

"Artists won't sign with me... I'm not well established yet."

Neither was any other record label when they first started. You have to start somewhere. And the sooner you start, the faster you will get to where you need to be.

The most important thing is to start.

You will be surprised how little artists care what stage you're at. They just want help.

"My record label will be so small.. I'm not sure it would be worth it."

A small record label is actually a real advantage.

Why? Artists want attention and help. If you have a small team, you won't take on a ton of artists at the same time, and you can really dedicate your time to each artist.

This can pay off in a big way, because your artists will feel cared for, and will want to continue working with your record label in the future.

"How long can I expect the course to take?" 

You can go as fast or as slow as you want. We have had students go through this entire course in just a few days.

We've ensured that you can take your time as well, if needed, by making the videos short and easy to understand.

"Will a record label be worth my time?"

What you'll find is that it doesn't take many artists to begin seeing BIG financial gains.

It's not about one song, it's about building a whole catalog of music, which will be an investment that pays off big time for you down the road.

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What is a legally protected record label WORTH TO YOU?

Let's talk about the value of this course, and what this course will be worth to you. 

What is it worth to you and your business?

  • What is it worth to model major record labels like Universal, Warner, or Sony


What is it worth to your artists?

  • What is it worth to have a proven process that helps you represent your artists and protect their interests? 
  • What about having the contracts you need to ensure you own the music and videos your label releases?  

What is it worth to your legacy?

  • What is it worth to build a business that supports you, your family, and the impact you want to have in this world... without having to face serious legal issues down the road?
  • You want to build a strong record label that can continue to sign artists and grow. Your willingness to do the hard work now will make the difference to whether you are successful in the long run.

You can always hire a law firm to help you with your contracts, but you will NOT get the real, day-to-day guidance from a real record label owner and entertainment attorney.

This kind of knowledge, and these kinds of results, they are obviously priceless. Here's the reality...

Enroll Now!

There aren't any other options like this on the market right now.

If you think about all the other ways that you can learn about growing your record label, including hiring a law firm (at a cost of thousands of dollars), you will likely have a long and expensive road ahead of you.

You can always hire a law firm to help you with your contracts, but you will NOT get the real, day-to-day guidance from a real record label owner and entertainment attorney.


This is not a flashy but empty promise.

No, I have designed this entire course to follow the same steps, and provide the same contracts, I give to my record label clients.

The only difference is that I am providing it in a way that is easier on your budget, and allow you to learn at your own pace.

I stand firmly behind everything I have built as a record label owner and entertainment attorney. And the same goes for your investment in this course.

Enroll now 
Only $367 USD TODAY 
With 2 additional monthly payments of $367 USD

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  • 6 Core Strategies 

$2100 Value 


  • Record Label Agreement

$550 Value 


  • Contractor Agreement 

$625 Value 


  • Management Agreement 

$495 Value


  • Crew Member Agreement 

$675 Value 


  • Photographer Agreement 

$350 Value 


  • License Agreement 

$515 Value

Total Value $5,310 USD

Only $367 USD Today

Save $105 USD - With one time payment

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There has never been a better time THAN RIGHT NOW

We live in an exciting time in the music industry, where there is uncertainty and craziness, and record labels are benefiting big time as a result.

But, you have to know what you are doing in order to compete.

Right now, artists are looking for a label to sign them, and for guidance on what to do. You can be their hero.

It's not about passively watching videos online. You need to learn the steps and take action immediately.

You can create a strong, legally protected, and successful record label in under 30 days. But you have to take that first step.

Similar to major record labels like Universal and Warner, independent record labels are finally getting the opportunity to compete, and sign major acts.

Contracts, know-how, ownership of music and videos, and building a strong team are all essential elements to having a successful record label. 

The question is, will you "learn as you go," or will you avoid needless mistakes, because you took the time to learn in advance?  

Legally Protected Vs. Exposed to Risk 

And as you look to make a decision, just know this...

🤘You've got this!🤘

Your time is valuable.
And the more success you experience, the more valuable your time becomes.

You might be busy, but you have a dream. And that dream starts today. Stop making excuses, and start taking action. Shift away from fear and uncertainty, to confidence and certainty.  

I will be here to support you ALL THE WAY

The TOP MUSIC ATTORNEY program that will help you create the record label you always dreamed of. 

So if you are ready to take the journey with me, you have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Let this be the beginning of your journey.

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This is the program you need to build, launch, and grow your record label. 

This course is taught by Miss Krystle, who has been in the music business since she was 4 years old, and is not only a record label owner herself today, but also an entertainment attorney. This course combines her knowledge and skills, which will make all the difference for you and your record label. 

Is there support as I go through this course?

YES! I personally guide you through every step of this course, and additionally give you other resources to help as you go through the different stages of building your record label.

How much time will it take to go through the course?

We have had students get through the course in as little as a few days. This course is structured so you can go as fast, or as slow, as you want to, or as your schedule allows.  

How is the content delivered?

This is a video-based program, with downloadable contract templates to help you stay legally protected.

What are my payment options?

We provide a payment plan, as well as a discounted 1-time payment option.  

Do I get the bonuses instantly?

Yes! As soon as you purchase the course, you will be given instant access to the bonuses.

How does the guarantee work?

If you don't like the program, we guarantee your money back in 30-days. It is as simple as that!  

How much technology support is available?

You will have ongoing support, and a dedicated team, to assist you with any technical issues you may experience.  

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access! Come back and revisit any lessons, or get the contract templates, anytime.