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About the book

Do you know how to stay legally protected in your music career? This book will guide you through the A-Z of having a successful music career, and it will teach you how to stay legally protected along the way.

This book was created by a real music attorney and independent artist. You can avoid the common mistakes that independent musicians and artists make. This book gives you clear guidance for your music career, as well as free contract templates that you can use throughout your music career.

The mastermind behind it all
Written by a real entertainment attorney and independent artist.

Miss Krystle / Redhead Attorney

With her firetruck red hair and outgoing personality, Miss Krystle is no newbie to the music business. Starting her first music business at age 16, Miss Krystle quickly found success within the entertainment field, creating and releasing music, starting her own record label, and learning how to monetize and grow her own career.

As a musician herself since the age of 4, Miss Krystle has applied her innovative approaches to not only starting her own music law firm as a real life attorney today, but she has combined her knowledge of the music business, branding, and marketing into one book to help other independent artists succeed in their careers.

In this #1 book for independent artists, you will learn...

The Decision to Read This Book

You will learn of all the pitfalls to avoid, as well as the best-kept secrets of the music business.

Finding a Producer & Writing Music

Start creating your music today using the best DIY tips for interdependent musicians and artists.

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering

Learn DIY recording, and receive actual examples of how to communicate with your mixing and mastering engineers.

Protecting Your Cover Art

Did you know that your photographer could actually still own your cover art? Even if you paid him or her already? Learn how to ensure you own all pictures used in association with your music.

Distributing Your Music

There are a lot of myths surrounding music distribution. Learn DIY music distribution so you can release your music today.

Music Marketing

There's no way around it. If you want to be successful in this business, you have to learn music marketing. Learn some of the best techniques to start growing your fan-base immediately.

Branding & Trademarks

Do you own your artist or band name? You might run into problems if you fail to trademark your name.

Copyright Ownership

Copyrighting your music with each release is essential. You will gain step by step instructions to register your copyright successfully.


You will work with other artists during your music career, but you want to make sure you have everything in writing. In addition to this chapter, you will also have access to a free Collaboration Agreement template.

Live Shows

In this chapter, you will not only get the best tips related to your live shows, but you will have access to a free Artist Rider!


Learn the best ways to setup and start selling through your merch store!

Licensing, Publishing, & Royalties

Don't leave your music earnings on the table! Learn where you need to register your music to collect all your royalties. Also learn how to get your music in TV & Film. Free Licensing Agreement included with this chapter!

Build Your Team

There is nothing more important that having a team you can trust around you. Learn about music attorneys, manager, agents, and more in this chapter.

Becoming a Real Music Business

You have to treat yourself as a real music business, and in this book, Miss Krystle teaches you how to register your own LLC to stay legally protected.

Record Labels

Start your own record label! It's never been faster or easier to setup a real life music business.

Setting & Accomplishing Goals

In this chapter, you will learn some of the best techniques to achieve all your music career goals.

The Pillar for Everything Else

The important of your health and wellness for your music career.

Dealing with Haters

All musicians and artists will need to cross this bridge. Learn how to handle those haters like a pro!

It Only Gets Better from Here

Now that you know the A-Z of how to have a successful music career, you can start implementing what you have learned immediately, and start using the free contract templates that come with this book!

With the resource in your hands

You will learn how to navigate the music business, and stay legally protected along the way.
These are some of the things you will learn to grow your music career:

  • How to copyright your music
  • Trademarking your artist name
  • How to start your own LLC
  • Distributing your music to all music platforms
  • Getting your music into TV/Film
  • Doing live shows
  • How to measure your success
  • Music marketing techniques
  • How to increase your fan following

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There are 334 pages in this book, all dedicated to helping you with your music career.
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It is, if you agree with the following artist profiles

You need a new direction for your music career

If you feel lost and do not know which direction you need to take with your music career, this book will give you the guidance and confidence needed to take action now.

You want to stay legally protected

There are a lot of bad people in the music business, however, you can stay legally protected by learning about copyrights, trademarks, and music contracts.

You want to become a real music business

In order to be successful, you have to think of yourself as a music business. In this book, you will learn how to start your own LLC. By doing this, you will be able to stay legally protected.

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